“We know Allie well Future Publishing, and used her ‘consultancy’ service to oversee Health and Fitness and Practical Parenting for 6 months in my previous role as CEO at Future Publishing. Allie implemented some great working practices and we were pleased with the results”
Simon Wear, Shift Active Media
“Allie provided maternity cover for the entire covermounting process on Practical Parenting. She came up with great ideas, sourced them on time and budget and if I ever need similar cover I wouldn’t hesitate in using her again. During this period Practical Parenting significantly grew its share of the parenting newstrade market which Allie’s efforts contributed to.”
Duncan Tickell, Commercial Director, Immediate Media Co
“Allie managed the advertising sales for City Kids Magazine and website for over 3 years and grew the revenue by some 260% in some cases. Allie initiated new ideas and helped develop client relationships, both new and existing.”
Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine
“After taking the decision to bring our advertising management in house, we’re delighted to see long term relationships grow with key cycling clients. Allie is dedicated, professional and enthusiastic about our London Cycling Charity and it’s great to see her work reflected in consistent growth.”

Digital Business Development

We help deliver new clients via online marketing!  Why not uniform your business approach, create your social marketing pages and groups, deliver trackable e-marketing, create a content marketing plan and understand the world of digital – we can do it all for you!

We offer an experienced personal approach, no big company overheads, we believe you’ll enjoy working with us and get excellent value for money!

Setting up your own business

Whether you’re starting a new business or launching a service, we’re here to support your needs, you’ve enough to do with setting up, we’ll work on finding your digital customers.  With attention to content marketing, social and website optimisation we can make it all work for you.

Digital support

Digital marketing is a wide world, with our experience and insight we can make it work for you.  We get your image right for each social tool, we can set up your content plan, social groups, many ways to connect with your customer to help gain their trust.

Short or long term

We can work on a short or long term contract, a one off project or continued support.  What works for you can work for us.  No big company overheads, no changes in staff.  Personalised service, working for you.

Digital business development

Planning, E-marketing, Website build, Content and social marketing.

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