“Allie created and manages our website and social marketing, she also set us up with regular email marketing which results in fully booked holiday activities all year round!”
Lesley Campbell , Wyvenhoe Equestrian Centre
“Allie runs pony days, marketing with local schools and bringing in fresh business. She also introduced us to email marketing which has now become a regular part of our marketing program. We’ve also enjoyed publicity in national equestrian magazines and the local papers.”
“Allie brings regular groups to us via her marketing program.”
Anthea Chambers, Wildwoods Equestrian Centre

Equestrian services


We understand that many equestrian businesses struggle to keep pace with the digital world.  We know you’d rather be out riding or spending money on the horses!  We’ve got the balance right, we can quickly introduce some current and effective marketing methods to bring business in, when you need it.

  • Websites that you can update yourself
  • Email newsletters
  • PR in press and schools!


BHS PTT instructor – with local connections at several riding schools.

We host pony days – for groups of children in the school holidays!

Mum’s time – regular lesson and hacking group on Wednesdays

Access to a mechanical horse, which is excellent for fitness, gaining confidence and developing your seat.

Business planning

So you may have been running your riding school for years, or just getting started.  Because we understand about business and horses, we’re able to help you run your riding school more profitably.  Delivering more ‘you time’ and happier horses!

  • Business accessment
  • Business planning
  • Implementation

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